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Achamian posted 08 April 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Achamian by Anthorn, Candidate

I believe Akka has come full circle.

At the start of the Prince Of Nothing he was alone, feeling increasingly alienated from his Mandate peers, and the society that hates them, and also the other sorcerers that deem them crazy... Only Esmenet is his beakon the sign he is not alone.

But at the end of the series, he has been betrayed by both Kellus and Esmi. He has found out that Kellus has been using him, and that perhaps npw has doubts about the Prophecy, about this Anasurimbor.

At the end of the Thousandfold thought, in despair and anger he renounces every thing that once ment something to him, he throws away his shackles. And when in the first book he percieved himself alone, now, he truely is alone.... One man who knows the truth, knows the Duntain.

I believe he will be a broken man, obsessed by his betrayal and his one purpose, the prevention of The Apocalypse. Maybe he can no longer trust Kellus to be the Harbringer and Saviour. Perhaps he searches for the Dunyain to find out more about Kellhus and their ways. Perhaps he seeks a way to fight him, or to find a shred of hope. view post


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