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Your favourite character? posted 04 April 2007 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeYour favourite character? by Jamara, Auditor

And how many of those scenes occurred/were retold around Zin's fire? It's like Bakker attributed good humor to a single character's presence, and that was Zin. Aside from playful pillow talk banter.

Quote: "Harrol":1ncx62xu
I find Cnauir's POV's to be very funny especially when he is observing the Inrithi. Kellhus told a funny story about two bulls and a herd of cows.[/quote:1ncx62xu]

Really? You thought Cnaiur's POV was funny. I found it usual tasting of prejudice, superiority, shame, hate, and disgust (and never in a funny way). view post


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