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Scott Bakker ruined it for me. posted 03 April 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker ruined it for me. by lordnull, Commoner

Am I the only person who is distinctly unimpressed by The Black Company series? I read some of the novels on the strenght of Erikson's recommendation. I don't think Glen Cook even approaches Erikson as a writer and story-teller, and has none of the latter's invention. Mind you, lately I have been getting a little tired of Erikson.

I read Cook after a friend of mine gave the Black Company books a huge recommendation. I mean huge. So I read the first one and had a reaction similar to your own. I mean I enjoyed it but I didn't think Cook's books were "great" by any stretch of the imagination. I wrote as much on another forum and practically got shouted down Red-Scare style.

Guess it's simply a matter of taste. They really are fun to read...but I don't think they're not in the same world as say PoN or aSoIF.

I haven't read Erickson much...started Gardens of the Moon...but I'm still working on the A Feast of Crows. view post


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