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The Meaning of Life posted 02 April 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Meaning of Life by Jamara, Auditor

Quote: "anor277":2e644rvd

And aboriginal peoples are as destructive as beavers. They can alter the area around them to great degrees, but if they alter it too much, they die out, i.e. Easter Island. But Civilization does not hold to those laws. If they alter their environment too much, they call FEMA.

Beavers don't deforest whole continents, which is what one group of aborigines did. And as regards resource consumption, civilization demonstrably does hold to those laws that operated in Easter Island. There will be a correction if consumption is unfettered. If the appetite of the modern industrial complex continues unabated, both you and I will probably see the consequences in the next 30 years. I think the era of peak oil, i.e. when the volume of oil being pumped out of the ground reaches an inevitable limit, is very close.[/quote:2e644rvd]

I agree with you completely. Those aborigines who did not follow the natural laws died out, or abandoned their cultural outlook in favor of one that worked. And if beavers deforested a whole continent, they too would die out. I definitely think that we are close if not already at the point of peak oil, and the reprecussions of that are scary. view post


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