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The Meaning of Life posted 02 April 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Meaning of Life by Jamara, Auditor

Quote: "anor277":9sne9ux6

As you say, but I'm not telling other people how to behave.[/quote:9sne9ux6]

Why not? We're told how to buy, how to use, how to consume, how to waste, how to learn, how to live, how to sustain a self-destructive society. Why not create a new meme. Somebody has to. Start out by teaching and enlightening and hope it prgresses through the next generation.

As far as the question of giving up living beyond 30 or destroying most of the human race, I'd rather have those thiry years.

And aboriginal peoples are as destructive as beavers. They can alter the area around them to great degrees, but if they alter it too much, they die out, i.e. Easter Island. But Civilization does not hold to those laws. If they alter their environment too much, they call FEMA. view post


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