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Your favourite character? posted 02 April 2007 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeYour favourite character? by Jamara, Auditor

At first I passed over this question, but then it kind of creeped into my brain. I think the reason that I prefer Martin over Bakker, is that both make their characters fallible and human, broad in their emotions and motives, but Martin's characters just stand out so much as individuals. I love Bakker's characters, but they are all depressing. There really is no fun side to them, no uplifting merits.

Except for Zin prior to the second half of TWP. I would have to say that he was my favorite character. He had depth and yet he still maintained some sense of humor. When men are on the front line of a war, the two things which keep them sane are religion and humor. And practically all of Bakker's characters lack humor.

I love Tyrion (from Martin's ASOIAF) because he can be the butt of all prejudices, thrown onto front lines, immersed in political intrigue, and plotted against from all sides, but he still maintains his smart-ass sense of humor.

By the time we get to TTT, I really don't care about any individual character. I just care about the plot and finding out what the hell the TTT is. Although Maithanet intrigues me and I can't wait to read more about him. view post


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