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Favorite Quotes of the Prince of Nothing posted 31 March 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionFavorite Quotes of the Prince of Nothing by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

Where the holy take men for fools, the mad take the world.
--Protathis, The Goat's Heart

They strike down the weak and call it justice. They ungird their loins and call it reparation. They bark like dogs and call it reason.
--Ontillas, On the Folly of Men

... and my soldiers, they say, make idols of their swords. But does not the sword make certain? Does not the sword make plain? Does not the sword compel kindness from those who kneel in its shadow? I need no other God.
--Triamis, Journals and Dialogues

If all human events possess purpose, then all human deeds possess purpose. And yet when men vie with men, the purpose of no man comes to fruition: the result always falls somewhere in between. The purpose of deeds, then, cannot derive from the purposes of men, because all men vie with all men. This means the deeds of men must be willed by something other than men. From this it follows that we are all slaves.
Who then is our Master?
--Memgowa, The Book of Divine Acts

The vulgar think the God by analogy to man and so worship Him in the form of the Gods. The learned think the God by analogy to principles and so worship Him in the form of Love or Truth. But the wise think the God not at all. They know that thought, which is finite, can only do violence to the God, who is infinite.
It is enough, they say, that the God thinks them.
--Memgowa, The Book of Divine Acts

The Poet will yield up his stylus only when the Geometer can explain how Life can at once be a point and a line. How can all time, all creation, come to the now? Make no mistake: this moment, the instant of this very breath, is the frail thread from which all creation hangs.
That men dare to be thoughtless ...
--Teres Ansansius, The City of Men

All from The Warrior-Prophet, which truly has the best quotes out of the three books. The last three are particular favorites of mine, especially the last. view post


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