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Maithanet posted 31 March 2007 in The Judging EyeMaithanet by Incu-Pacifico, Peralogue

I've wondered about this too. Though his father claimed that he didn't have the complete abilities of a full-blooded Dunyain, Maithanet was still *extremely* formidable. For example, the way he handled that skin spy (or even the fact that he noticed him for what he was) seems to be beyond the ability of "regular" people. That's why I tend to brush aside speculation that Serwe's son would match the physical capabilities of Esmi's.

It's be interesting to see if Maithanet accompanies Kellus to Golgaterath, removes the restrictions on sorcery, or rules the Three Seas while Kellus goes into Golgoteroth without him. view post


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