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The Meaning of Life posted 31 March 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Meaning of Life by DietCoke23, Commoner

The human existance is all in pursuit of one thing, and that thing is to satisfy our egos, to gain a sense of supiriority. We, as a species, surround ourselves with our "civilization". We keep ourselves clean, we participate in "good mannered tasks", we eat with forks and knives and spoons... for what? We do this to seperate ourselves from the animals of which we sprung, to make ourselves better than them, more "sophisticated". If you ask me, its the animals that have become more than us. They don't hide their feelings, they live by their insticts, they live life happy and accepting.
Look at our social lives. Why are we so eager to go out with someone? Being a couple is a way in which we separate ourselves into higher and lower classes. What do you think when you are going out with someone? You think, wow, that person chose me over everyone else. Its the feeling of loyalty, the feeling that a person likes you more than they like somone else. In a way, doesn't that make you feel superior to others?
I want honest answers to this next question. How many of you out there size people up as soon as you see them? Place them on a ladder so to speak? You look and think "I'm smarter than that person, and i mean look at them, how could they ever get a boy/girlfriend?" What do these thoughts bring us? What do we accomplish by thinking them? All we do is put someone down, in order to feel better about ourselves.
I hate to even draw the attention to our school systems. But i mean, the most prime, and real data can be found here. Who are the people we look up to? Its the people with lots of friends and seemingly no worries. Its the confident people. People cling to confidence, because in its presence the ego cannot be more flatered. Even just by being associated with confidence is enough. Look at all of the students who are cocky and funny on the outside. Most are wimpering cowards on the inside, to afraid to expose their feelings to the world. THeir confidence is a shell, and they don't let anyone in to help. Because by asking for help, you submit to a higher power, and who wants to consider themselves a lesser power?
I dont pretend to be above these things. I think these same things all of the time. I guess i was just wondering if anyone else agrees with me that our life is a pathetic and useless race for self-gain. view post


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