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Kellhus's State of Mind posted 30 March 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Kellhus's State of Mind by Jamara, Auditor

I've pondered whether the Dunyain were created/established by the Consult. I often thought that they might have been a venture to find a way of maintaining power should the Apocalypse succeed and the Outside become closed from the Mundane world. The quest for a self-moving soul. But then if the Consult were the originators of the Dunyain, why do they not know of their existence. Especially since Mekeritig did not know what Kellhus was when they fought in the TDTCB prologue.

I think the Dunyain were just a group of refugee monks of some minor order. And rereading the prologue it is evident that their loss of memory of sorcery was intentional. They burned the Vizier's books and removed all sorceric runes from Ishual.

And I definitely think that the Heron Spear will be recovered, most likely by Achamian. I just think that so much emphasis was placed upon it by Seswatha that Achamian will be forced to find it. view post


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