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Question about the ending of TWP *Spoiler Warning* posted 28 March 2007 in Author Q & AQuestion about the ending of TWP *Spoiler Warning* by Trutu Angotma, Peralogue

Quote: "Buckethead":34myvajk
I read this passage the same way i have approached the haloed hands issue... that perhaps kellhus can visually decieve people into seeing what they want to see the same way a professional hypnotist or magician can use illusion. Our brains really do filter the information that our eyes recieve, this is fact. my first year at art school in visual perception our teacher put a yellow square against a white wall, we concentrated on it for one minute and when it was removed there was the illusion of a purple square on the wall. why? because the human brain always seeks balance and orginization. your brain attempts to balance the vibrant yellow with it's complimentary colour.
I tend to think that kellhus manages this both through slight of hand and building the expectation of the supernatural through his words and actions. this may explain why serwe sees haloes around the hands of the skin spy. Her brain is projecting those haloes in response to trying to make sense of the unbelievable and fantasmagorical actions and speech of kellhus...
just a thought.

also, ambiguity in moderation can make a good story great. most of the story is quite clear. i think scott uses ambiguous amd creative writing to his benefit, especially with the amount of philosophy entrenched in the book... i find it refreshing to read fantasy that i can reread, think about and discus at length. too much clarification can make something boring the same way ambiguity can confuse.[/quote:34myvajk]

is it at all impossible that kellhus could actually be a prophet? i mean this would go entierly against what he is but at the same time it would explain his expanding morality view post


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