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Those flip flopping Nansurs... posted 28 March 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThose flip flopping Nansurs... by Harrol, Moderator

Some more points. Cnauir did much to hurt Conphas's reputation. He spread rumors amongest the ranks of Conphas crying at night. On two seperate occasions he beat Conphas one publicly the other privately but everyone knew what he did. He was also raped by Cnauir. The Nansur like the Romans would follow any amount of deprivations with the exception of weakness. Cnauir made Conphas look weak. Along with the points that Jamara made led to his demise. Remeber Conpas's last thoughts about his grandmother telling him he was always being measure and if his value ever dropped too low he was done for? Well his value dropped to low so he had no chance to survive Saubon's attack. view post


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