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Questions that haunt me after just reading TTT. posted 28 March 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtQuestions that haunt me after just reading TTT. by Buckethead, Peralogue

I think he is referring to the Compulsion of Esmi, but I agree that it is not possession in the same sense as the Synthese. Still it is pretty close to "demonic possession."

i just finished re-reading this chapter... there is no compulsion (in the sense of this book or by it's normal definition) that wouldn't be considered more closely possesion. The inchoroi, controls her actions (her body), knows her thoughts, memories and controls her speech (mind). Esmi is there, but not nearly in the same sense as xinemas with the cants of compulsion. afterwards she isn't upset because she felt she had stated that she wasn't in love with him, rather it was because the inchoroi found it in her mind and kellhus agreed. how that's not demonic possesion is beyond me.
also the synthese are shells meant to hold a mind and project one of the consult's soul (mind, voice and vision). if you are possesing a body with no soul or mind is that demonic possesion?

to me the only real difference is that the synthese doesn't have an existing soul...

splitting hairs i know, but i'm getting confused about the inchoroi around these boards. i have a feeling i should stop reading so much speculation... view post


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