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Marvel and The Dark Tower posted 26 March 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionMarvel and The Dark Tower by Buckethead, Peralogue

Marvel historically has worked differently from other comic book companies in that the dialogue is not usually written by the writers of the book. they give the letterers and artists vague descriptions of character development and let them insert what they want. Thus you end up with soap opera quallity comics... much like good movies vs. soap opera television... those who enjoy things like the x-men, the avengers, the hulk... are somewhat comparable in the comic book world to those who listen to radio pop in the music world, or WWE wrestling in the sports world. It's totally fine, if you are looking for entertainment and not concerned with depth or development, but i assume that since so many speak so highly of the dark tower series those things wouldn't be comparable.

as for good series? anything with a final issue, an impending final issue or ending storylines is a first clue that it's been written, drawn or created bywriters and/or artists that have some sort of vision. I personally love anything by tony millionaire, &quot;sock monkey&quot;, or &quot;maakies&quot;(if you want to, i suggest you hit <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> you can see every maakies strip in existence). mike mignola, the creator of &quot;hellboy&quot; is an unbelievable artist and storyteller (please forget about the movie). A favorite series of mine was &quot;automatic kafka&quot; by ashley wood (who does beautiful artwork) and joe casey. although it failed to sell to anyone more than myself i believe. &quot;american splendor&quot; by harvey pekar. if you don't know what this is, it's okay to see the movie, it was very well done. i could go on forever. view post


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