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Life and Death posted 26 March 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionLife and Death by Jamara, Auditor

I find it funny that the name atheist was brought up so often. Not once did I ever claim to be an atheist. In fact I am a Pagan. I am against religion, not spirituality. There is quite an extreme difference between the two. The difference being Dogma. I found and formed my own spiritual beliefs that just happen to loosely coincide with others' beliefs. I was never told what to believe, how to believe, how to show my beliefs, or how to celebrate my beliefs. I found them. I questioned, and through my sentience I found what I believed. No one told me how to do it.

I questioned and reasoned and learned.

And as far as the nephew bringing grapes to his aunt, that was instinctual. He was aiding his familial unit. He as aiding his gene pool. And we, like most mammals, have very strong familial instincts.

I never siad that selfish was bad. I only meant that all non-instinctual action is based upon self-fullfilment on some level. There is always some level of self-gratification.

Sentience is a quirk. We don't fully understand how it arose. We do know that because of the reshaping of our cerebellum due to a skeletal change in posture along with the increased functional useage of our hands is what allowed for the cerebral reshaping giving rise to sentience. Sentience is our ability to question and imagine. (I would like to add for future clarification that I am using sentient in the common understanding, basically equating it to consciousness)

And evolution. That is a scientific law. The theory is Darwin's natural selection. Evolution has been recorded and can be recorded. It happens, therefore it is a law. A theory tries to explain that law. view post


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