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Eragon posted 25 March 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionEragon by Zarathinius, Auditor

One of the critic's reviews said "Lord help us, there's going to be a director's cut, isn't there?"

I think I kinda-sorta liked them at the time because it sounded like something I might have written, being a young'un. The nagging feeling of "that idea came from a different story" persisted pretty much from cover to cover, though. I might not have minded if he took his ideas from more obscure sources, that way I mightn't have noticed.

In addition to names and plot devices being either stolen or lame creations, the very beginning of the book is yawn-inducing, with some babble about the bad guy shooting "energy bolts" out of his palm or some such nonsense. Not bolts of fire, nor flashes of red light, but "red energy bolts." *snore* view post


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