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Seswatha's dreams. posted 23 March 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSeswatha's dreams. by Jamara, Auditor

Okay, the dream that changed was the dream when Seswatha faces the No-God on the fields of Mengedda. It's the only dream which incorporates the No-God directly.

Now, my gut impression as I was reading the dream was that Kellhus was using the dream somehow in order to retrieve knowledge from Akka.

Somehow, through Gnosis that has yet to be revealed to us, Seswatha trapped his memories within an object, supposedly his own mummified heart. Which kind of makes no sense. The purpose of the heart of course was to supercede one's own dreams and replant in their absence Seswatha's Dreams. Now the only other time that we've seen the interactions within dreams, was during Cants of Calling, in which a sorceror will enter another's dreams and draw them out of them.

Now at the end of TTT, Kellhus uses what would have been a Cant of Calling, but changed it by using a third string into a Cant of Transposing. And he enters the There rather than another Here. A great darkness. So where did he go? He didn't just go to the First Temple, because when he arrived he was wearing a billowing white gown (I could be wrong about the apparel change but it really isn't the point).

He manipulated and changed the only Cant thus far that has been linked to already altering another's dream by supplanting oneself within that dream. I think that he took the voice of the No-God in Akka's last dream in order to learn what Akka saw of the No-God. We know that he is looking for info on Him, Kellhus even asked his father what he had learned on the matter. He wants to learn more about the No-God (to what end is still open for vast debate).

And I think it is quite a literal symmetry of Akka renouncing Kellhus as Seswatha leaving Celmomas, and later returning to him.

And I'm just throwing this out there, but how beneficial would it be for an Anasurimbor of the present that "memories" of the past would foretell his coming as a Harbinger? Would place him in a position of influence without ever even having done anything? How short would it make the path? view post


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