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Aspect-Emperor status posted 23 March 2007 in Author Q & AAspect-Emperor status by Mithfânion, Didact

In light of the news of a UK edition I contacted Penguin and Overlook to see if they had a date for the book as well. Now, this is odd.

Penguin say they do not have the rights to the Canadian edition of this book at all. This is very peculiar since this should obviously have been wrapped up ages ago. They tell me that I should contact Overlook, but they are a US publisher. Overlook then tells me that they will publish AE "sometime in 2008" which is not exactly heartening and does not lead one to think the book will bve out sooner than the UK edition.

It would be great if Scott could shed some light on all of this. Why is Penguin not doing the Canadian edition when they did such a great job with the trade paperbacks of the first trilogy? When will a Canadian edition come out and by who? view post


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