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Scott Bakker ruined it for me. posted 21 March 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker ruined it for me. by Jamara, Auditor

Martin is about the only thing I find equivalent, though I keep my ears open for news of another good series. I'll probably check out Erickson. But I think it is a maturity issue, not a stylist or content. I love the maturity of actions, writing, consequences, and intrigue. And I have tried and failed to reread the Chronicles, but I just can't.

However, I contradict the statement that a mature audience is the audience to be written for. I don't think I should have read, or would fully have understood Martin, and definitely not Bakker, back when I was in 6th grade. I think that it is just frustrating for us as adults that there isn't more fantasy our there for us.

As far as Harry Potter, I was very leery at first, but it is well written and quite fun! I usually reread all the books while I'm waiting for the next installment of my more serious authors. They are a fun read! view post


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