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Drugs posted 21 March 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionDrugs by Jamara, Auditor

Here's a little something I learned. Some people have odd entanglements amongst their neurons. These odd entanglements allow some people to smell textures, or see sounds, or hear colours, etc... Basically the sense processies misfire, though not in a disfunctional way. For example, Hendrix never learned notes or chords, what he did was hear music in colours. He would describe these colours to his manager who would then interprate them into sheet music for the rest of the Band of Gypsies. And statistically, people which such anamolies tend toward artistry.

Wtih that said, I think mind altering drugs might be favored among artists because it alters their already altered state of consciousness. That's just a theory though.

One thing I do know is that when I listen to some great music, I so enjoy it. But when I listen to that same music stoned, I can feel every note. I connect with the artist and what he is trying to tell me. My weed use has always lowered my inhibitions and allowed me to simply experience and connect with what was around me.

But I am always responsible in my drug use, and if I ever do anything I am ashamed of, then that's it for the drug. And I have never tried any drug which I know that the pitfalls far outway any benefit. view post


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