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Inchoroi motivations and the quantum mechanics posted 21 March 2007 in Author Q & AInchoroi motivations and the quantum mechanics by Jamara, Auditor

Very interesting!

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: We can know where an electron is but not it's speed, and we can know an electron's speed but not it's location. Thus with sorcery you have the Utteral string (speed), and the Inutteral string (location); you know both, which can only be known by "God". And when you can tie both strands together, you can control the quantum reality of somethig/everything, i.e. you can rewrite God's work.

Definitely. I agree that sorcery could conceivably be a manipulation of quantum mechanics, but I also think there is a fantasy aspect Bakker has placed in there just to keep us from quantifying everything. Don't forget about the Daemos. Those demons that are summoned have to come from somewhere. view post


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