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Music..not generally... posted 14 March 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionMusic..not generally... by Sokar, Auditor

The point I tried to make is not Pink Floyd's 'ultimity'..hence the topic "not generally"... What I am trying to show, or perhaps to find, is a combination of what WP is saying "moving of the soul" with the aesthetic understanding of music. I recently looked into Adorno's notes on Beethoven..a great composer no doubt..and of course very close to the heart of many thinkers for many reasons... Similarly of course with all least that enhancing, encouraging, lifting up (more synonyms) the being...
About a year and a half ago, together with a friend of mine, we've been looking into how aestheticism plays a prime role in 'evolution', or perhaps even creation, of civilizations... We came to conclude that it is even the basis of every society (after economics).. Now the reasons for this will take a long time (we were discussing for two days in a row..continuesly!)..
So to the point (again).. What makes Pink Floyd brilliant, great, "beyond measure", is of course personal..yet this personal is felt by so many that it makes me wonder how greatness is achieved, except for the moving of the soul (I usualy refrain from describing things as such..but the lack of undrestanding makes me do so). Is there an understanding of it pure marketing..? (Please no discussion on how marketing influences music etc..)
As to the artists you mentioned..I didn't like Tool..probably not going to if I listen to them again..and they are not comparable to Pink Floyd even a bit..though it was some years ago that I listened to them.. Def Leppard is in my collection as well..though it is not something I listen to often.. The Polish band I will check out when I can get my hands on it
I conclude with my last there a greater music than Pink Floyd..any reason to see Beethoven beyond the measure as Bakunin did, perhaps also Adorno..or as someone mentioned Mozart..? Now again..not generally!

PS I understand the narrow-mindedness I have right now..perhaps it is the revival of the self..the exploration to the past beauty..yet with an affirmation of undestanding of it... Perhaps it is simply melancholy that I have these weeks... view post


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