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Music..not generally... posted 11 March 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionMusic..not generally... by Buckethead, Peralogue

I think this topic is a little awkward. I really enjoy pink floyd as well but i don't think you can ask that question.... what makes music greater?

that's like asking who's the greatest artist of all time? if you have an answer for that, you're simply shortsighted. I can guarrentee there are one hundred more artists you'd relate to or enjoy more that you've simply never heard of (whether it's because they never showed their art or it's just not popular). A favorite i can see, but not simply GREATEST. At work I consistently hear different radio stations calling U2 the greatest band ever for god's sake... U2!!! could there be a more redundant, repetative recipe card band.

for their time Pink floyd was a very explorative and experimental rock band and are still relative, but in terms of explorative and experimental music? hardly anything to get excited about. They still function under western pattern based song writing techniques (like most rock bands, not to say i don't enjoy western writing techniques). Although they have influenced entire generations of musicians to become 1/10th of a step different.

so to answer your question, i could name ten bands i think are poetically and acoustically "greater", "better at making music" or "more interesting", however i am sure you probably wouldn't agree (no offense to anyone meant, but especially after reading the "listening to..." entries on this site). And I wouldn't expect or want you to. You can't always grade art... but if you did, pink floyd would get an A in my book... but they sure wouldn't be the only ones.

PS and as for tool being a modern day pink floyd? in my opinion, NO WAY. Tool (and i've listened to them A LOT more than i would like) needs to write a song about a new topic, find some different effects and change ANYTHING once in a while. Floyd (for a rock band) was quite a bit more creative. being dark and mysterious doesn't mean you automatically have depth. view post


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