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Scott Bakker ruined it for me. posted 15 February 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker ruined it for me. by Curethan, Didact

I see where your coming from. Looking for more challenging, mature, thoughtful and genre busting fantasy? Try these, or don't and miss out. No hackneyed prophecies, artifact quests or manifest destinies here, I promise.

China Mieville. Takes fantasy back to the days of the Wizard of Oz then gives it an industrial revolution, a good dose of pathos and bad brown acid. This guy didn't win a slew of awards for nuttin.

Steph Swainston. One of the best anti-heroes since Elric imo, and a fantasy world that is about as derivitive as u can get. The writing and plot aren't as good as Bakker, but the characterisation and inventiveness makes up for it.

Jeff Vandemeer. I still get disturbed by the freaky mushroom people, and I don't think I have read any better prose. The story of how the guy got his work into print is damn interesting too. view post


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