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Scott Bakker ruined it for me. posted 14 February 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker ruined it for me. by RazorSmile, Candidate

Quote: "avatar_of_existence":3m6niu29
as far as Fantasy writing goes, Bakker has truly been the end for me. If anyone can suggest a Fantasy author with similar talent I hope to devour his books as well.[/quote:3m6niu29]

Try Elizabeth Bear. Her Promethean Age series, so far consisting of Blood & Iron (2006) and Whiskey & Water (2007) is completely different from Bakker's stuff but I can't honestly say he's better. I can pretty much guarantee the charaters are like nothing you've ever seen.

What's it about? Basically, a shadow war between Faerie, the land of elves and bad magic and an order of mortal mages called the Prometheans. Blood, pain and cost; no one is safe. Complications include Hell (and Lucifer) as a semi-neutral Third Side and the Dragon, an awesomely powerful hyper-anagogic being who owes allegiance to no one (quite the reverse, come to think of it.)

And if you ever wanted to see an incredibly weird magic system, check the Promethean brand shown in B & I. view post


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