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No-God's questions posted 07 February 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNo-God's questions by Alpha Crow, Candidate

I feel, intuitively I should say, there is something to the circumfix sequence. That his plan to get down was not what brought about him getting down, seems oddly important. That his plans are being superseded by his holy status and larger, divine plans, perhaps?

That being said, it seems odd that he planned and did rip out Serwe's heart just for such purposes. I'm sure everyone is as thirsty for the real answer. I would say it was physically impossible for him to do so with his bare hands, but he apparently has done similar while fighting.

Question: I'm under the impression the thousandfold thought is not for religious purposes, but the next or last step in the dunyain training. Moenghus certainly did not want to save mankind. In fact, it was implied that he wished to close off mankind to the Outside to save himself and the dunyain from hell. That part could just be fanaticism talking, also...
What do you think the basic idea of the thought is? I think it may be a super version of the probability trance. view post


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