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The value of a life posted 16 July 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionThe value of a life by saintjon, Auditor

I also agree that you can't really evaluate a person's worth, just because there'd be so much conflict over who gets to hold the measuring stick (or put the numbers on it in the first place).

My grandma isn't a scientist, or an artist, or anything like that. But, her husband died when she was relatively young and she was left to raise 6 kids with no money. There isn't a single person among my aunts and uncles who could tell you how she did it. She's a hero. There aren't going to be any public awards for her, no gala dinners celebrating her accomplishment, but she made a contribution of preserving her family through a very difficult time. I don't think most of the people who would attempt to establish that sort of worht of a life on her would take that into account. They'd see an old retired woman, with little money and little to show for her life beyond a family of fundamentally decent people.

I think for many criminals it is easier to die anyways, and for some of them life in prison becomes just that, their life. I think we need to think outside the box a bit, I mean, no one's going to reform if they don't want to, anyways. We need to always be thinking of a better way to get through to these people so they will want to improve their lives.

Good point about forgiveness, but there is still the duty to protect the people of society. view post


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