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Life and Death posted 15 January 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionLife and Death by Buckethead, Peralogue

If you have never experienced one moment of beauty then i feel terribly sorry for you, otherwise from reading your post i can only reasonably figure you are either being extremely pessamistic or playing devil's advocate. Learning to enjoy even the hard moments of daily life is not easy, but for periods of my life i have even been able to see beauty in dirt and it makes living more than worthwhile. Life is both amazingly important, and completely redundant at the same time (with a billion grey areas inbetween) and either way i think it does not just boil down to a series of interests and habits. Human behaviour is part and parcell with perception and thought. Our actions are not all that exist. It is only natural at times to feel a will to live and at others a will to die (or at least a will to no longer exist). One of the things that holds us back from gaining understanding of life is that we are continually looking for these ridiculously unobtainable answers instead of the little pieces of insight that would help. The answers ARE NOT THERE (for us at this point), only theories and bits of insight, accept this,learn to see beauty in learning and gaining awareness and you might find that perhaps the most amazing things you've ever experienced are as basic as your own senses. view post


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