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What introduced you to philosophy? posted 10 January 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat introduced you to philosophy? by Buckethead, Peralogue

while attending art school i was quite obviously submerged in cultural theory which i was quite resistant to at first, however the more academic classes i took the more the philosophical and conceptual my studio work became. by the time i finished i was thouroughly enjoying the hours of reading and discussion i was having with friends, professors and classmates... especially over a few pints. i truely feel sorry for those in life who don't ever get the time to really stop, learn and think about things for a while. i truely feel as though i went through another stage of mental puberty at that time of my life. though i think that perhaps the most important thing about philosophy is that it teaches you how to learn with an open mind and that you will never be done learning. like life the information you intake is all just part of a journey with no destination. view post


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