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Scott Bakker ruined it for me. posted 06 January 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker ruined it for me. by Sea_Cucumber, Candidate

When i first bought the book...

okay, this requires a bit of a, i don't usually jump from fantsy series...until i buy a new book bsed on cover alone. I bought tWP on cover alone, and was riveted by how perfectly flawed all the characters seemed. now i realize it was to contrast Kellhus, but even then it was wholly unlike anything i had read, ever. It felt like it was only fantasy so scott could communicate his expressions/philosophies of humanity and our flaws.

anyways, that basiclly sums it up...reading other fantyasy has been difficult, and for the first time i've not bothered even touching those old books i used tor ead every now and again...thoughtless reading is no fun anymore

that said, well done Mr. Bakker on an amazing trilogy. I have little doubt that these series will be the stuff my grandchildren read. view post


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