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The sovereign rights of a nation. posted 05 January 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionThe sovereign rights of a nation. by paddyenglish, Candidate

ok i think this may be getting more on to the point of which religion has caused the most wars but......
Christianity is a new religion in many respects compared to many world beliefs but i am certain that it has been used for a reason (possibly as a justification after fact in some cases but not as many as some people may think) for more armed conflicts in the recorded history of the world between two or more nations than any other religion, I must stress here in recorded history......
In addition to this the power of the Catholic church pre reformation cannot not be undermined......before the 15th Century Kings of Europe would walk barefoot through the snow to chastise themselves before the ruling pope, and going to war without the permission of the Vatican was not something they did lightly.
However I'm not trying to say here that other religions dont and have not caused wars and massive forms of expansion and conquest at periods in time, just that the Christians, as far as modern day historians know have done it more.......
But let's face it we are all shitty to our neighbours, and if we cant be to them we start shitting on our own. view post


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