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The sovereign rights of a nation. posted 05 January 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionThe sovereign rights of a nation. by paddyenglish, Candidate

hey there
first off it was an aboriganal island people near Australia in the 19th century

It was Christian european nations that invented the concentration camps, the Spanish in South America during colonial times and the British in Africa being two big examples of same.
My point about the Christain religion being the biggest cause of all wars is a well documented historical fact, going back a lot further than industrialisation just take the example of the crusades, the colonisation of the Americas, the invasion of the Indian territories, ad infinitum.
industrilisation meant that wars among other Christian nations became more common and more about economics than actual faith.

and finally i have no idea either as to when or how intervention is just or how it should be justified , like most educated people that don't believe everything the government tells them I can see when these interventions are wrong sometimes before the fact but more often that not after the true consequences of these missions become aparent, both on a moral and political level......just look at the instability in Iraq that both Britain and the US have to answer for or Afghanistan. view post


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