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Sorcery posted 05 January 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionSorcery by avatar_of_existence, Peralogue

I was delighted by Bakker's definition of Sorcery in the appendix of Thousandfold Thought as words which shape reality (the antithesis of philosophy, which is words shaped by reality). What a wonderful understanding of the cosmos this man has!!
Following this definition I can certainly say that I have seen words shape reality. The movie "What the Bleep do we Know?" gives examples of water molecules given different forms based on the words said to them over a period of days. The research was done by a Japanese scientist, and the results are astounding (to say the least). Words shape reality, there it is, evidence abundant. I would like to state at this time that the aforementioned movie I found to be boring and uninspired, the one mentioned scene being one of a few exceptions.
Following this definition, who claims not to have witnessed the glory of Sorcery firsthand?!?! view post


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