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Best character posted 15 July 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeBest character by saintjon, Auditor

Wow do I ever hear you there Legatus.

Achamian's my favourite. Something about the multi-pronged torture of life as a Mandate Schoolman, and the conflict of potence and self-doubt that exists in him. His love/hate relationship with sorcery adds some extra kick to him.

My second favourite is Cnaiur. The guy's like an ultra-violent duck, unapologetically brutal on the surface and paddling like hell underneath. There are few characters in any story whose fight scenes I've enjoyed so much, Cnaiur makes himself undeniable. My God, how do you stand before a spectacle of war like that and have anything left to attempt to be the one he demands.

I think one thing that makes these characters so memorable to me is the inner struggles their own compassion causes them. For Cnaiur and Kellhus it doesn't come out so much until the second book, but Achamian has his issues about using Inrau and being worthy of Emenet, Esmenet sometimes can't help but fling her profession in people's faces (to protect them from herself maybe? too painful to believe they could think more of her? or to protect them from being associated with her?) view post


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