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The sovereign rights of a nation. posted 29 December 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionThe sovereign rights of a nation. by paddyenglish, Candidate

That really is a rather loaded question.....on the really basic level no one nation (if for the sake of argument we believe in the idea of nationhood) has a right to inflict dominance over another......though as can be seen throughout history this is not always the solution......
A few questions for examples, if we as a more powerful nation see a people being murdered wholesale by there government or armed forces do we not have a right to interfere?
when a majority of poeple are persecuting people in a country should we not try and help them?
If a country cannot cope with the strains put upon it by natural disaster should we not give aid?

Now a few historical examples to illustrate these.

During WW2 oriental members of the USA were put in consentration camps and perihad from mainstream society.
Britain is the only nation on Earth to have effected total genocide of an entire nationality of people.
The slave trade may have been around for thausands of years but the European nations made it into an international money maker.
The only country to use weapons of mass destruction on a foreign land were the Americans.
There have been more wars and death caused by the Christian religion than any other in the entirity of recorded history.

My point although a little convoluted, is this, there may be a need at times to interfere with other nations soveiregnty, though the decision for this is a moral one and should be made by those with a clear concience......i.e not really any nation or government i can readilly think of......we've all been a bit shitty to each other in the past.....putting it very lightly view post


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