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Women In the Three Seas posted 14 July 2004 in Author Q & AWomen In the Three Seas by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

Well, while I accept the fact that women have always been subject to the crap end of some system of domination, and, I might add, still are, I think that this system varies a great deal with time, place and society. We can't assume that things were peachy in the caveman days and then male dominence set in and we have only begun to redress the problem. Linear trajectories are assumptions of progress. History has been written in such a way to exclude women and to propogate their role as chattel. For instance, women have enjoyed more freedom of movement and and equality in many nomadic societies throughout history, from the Mongols to the recent tribes on the central Asian steppes. The limitation of movement in urban areas was limited to upper and middle class women. The sex segregation and veiling required of women in upper class Greece and Rome engendered a whole working world for lower class women. Women whose movement was restricted due to their class, often had access of corridors of power that their lower class counterparts did not. And women did have some control over their reproductive systems. Women's medicine was only wrested away from them when midwives and single women were massively persecuted during the witch hunts in Europe during the oh so enlightened Renaissance when strictures really began to tighten up on women.

All I am saying is that the oppression of women differed greatly according to the nature of a given society and many many other factors. The status of women within Christianity took a major nose dive after incorporation into the structure of the Roman Empire. Islam elevated the lot of women in Iran, but restricted it in Egypt. Why does there seem to be little variation in Earwa?

I am also wondering about women among the Dunyain. I don't have my books now, but when they arrive at the fortress in the north, there are women amongst them and the group has survived. But, we have yet to see any through Kelhus's recollections. I am very nervous about this, especially after seeing the face room. I would dread stumbling on a mating room. Who and where is Kelhus's mother? If he has the concept of Father and has a dialogue going with him in his head, why is any thought of a mother totally absent? Basically, I wonder about gender relations and roles amongst the Dunyain...

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