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Free Will posted 13 July 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionFree Will by Replay, Auditor

Been thinking about this subject for the past couple of days and it's amazing at just how many angles there are that you can approach it from, and how many tracks of thought there are to follow (including all the other subjects such a question touches on). So instead of even attempting to explain it (which I doubt I could) and just rambling on forever, I'll instead just add a few questions that may or may not be of use to the discussion.

The first one is just what do we mean when we say free will? Free from what exactly? Is it just the freedom to choose? And if it is, then what makes that choice freer than any other action? After all, even though we have the ability to look back to see how we been controlled by our past actions and then change, even that choice is influenced by our past and present conditioning in some way.

Perhaps some people are freer than others since they are not as controlled as much by their past, and even if we were able to wipe out all our past conditioning, would there still not be something governing those choices? And if so, just what is it? What is it that makes one choice better than other?

Is there even such a thing as a person to be free?

It has been mentioned that we cannot know what free will is, and you could also say that it is the arrogance of humans to that think they can know everything, especially things such as this. Well perhaps it is, but is it not also arrogance to think something cannot be known just because we haven't figured it out for ourselves yet?

Finally, a lot of people often harp on about freedom (especially in the states), but do they really understand just what it is they are after? You often see a lot of people fighting the establishment because they want to be free and not controlled, but just whatt kind of freedom is it that they hope to gain? And would they not be freer if they were to instead accept that they are often controlled and influenced by others? Freer to influence the direction of the currents if they were just to float along with them instead of trying to stand still and hold them back? Freer to admire the scenery of life as it goes past instead of constantly fighting and worrying about it? view post


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