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What introduced you to philosophy? posted 13 July 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat introduced you to philosophy? by Grantaire, Moderator

A certain class? A book? A friend, family member, etc?

Just wondering how everyone got started in learning about the field of philosophy.

For myself, I was browsing around in the political science section of my school library, and adjoining it was the philosophy/psychology section, curious, I went and looked at some of the books. There weren't many books, but I checked out a book entitled A Passion For Wisdom. I don't recall the authors, but it was excellent. It was only around 120-130 pages long, but it had a lot of information (tiny tiny print), about the history of philosophy, pretty much every major philosopher, the roots of basic philosophic and religious beliefs, and the influences of philosophers on eachother. It was fascinating, and I enjoyed every page of it.

That was my introduction to philosophy, and I discovered that I really love philosophy (as in I would like to major or minor in it in college). I have read various other philosophy books, from background ones, such as Durant's The Story of Philosophy, to the actual books of the philosophers.

Well, that's my story. How about all of you? view post


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