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More to Life posted 03 December 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionMore to Life by TheDarkness, Peralogue

as far about brain activity goes, what about savants? they are physically inept but they have forms of genius. i just saw this 60 minutes about this kid who just composed his 5 symphony. more than most compose in thier lifetime. He descirbe the musinc coming in on channels, he said he normally could hear up to ten channels of incoming music> where is this muxinc coming from? maybe another dimension! As far as other dimensions, I strongly reccomend Stephen King's Dark Tower Series. After reading these books, it is hard not to believe in other or parallel dimensions. King has a way of speaking to you and telling the story very intamately as though these things happened to him. He also adresses his readers at the beginning of every book. We are Constant Readers. and he seems to know me personally. anyways the books pose a universe or universes in a very believable way view post


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