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Connected posted 01 Dec 2006, 19:12 by TheDarkness, Peralogue

Now I am not trying to take anyhting away from what has come to be my favorite fantasy series period. Well actually I loved Ender's Game and never read the sequels to that, but im sure that at this point in my life, PoN with all its graphic detail of both passionate physicality and exquisite emotion far outsrips the Ender's series. But I have come to draw parallels between the nations of the Three Seas and the nations that ruled the world close to 2000 years ago. The closest correlation comes between the Nansur Empire and the great Dynasties of China... All the scandal, pageantry, discipline, and riches. The second closest correlation comes between the Kianene and the great Muslim countries during the times of the Crusades... The scimitars, the battle cunning, and proximity to the desert. It also feels as though the men of the tusk are in some way descendant from the knights of the round table and the great european kings with armies of armoured infantry. Im sure im not the first to draw these correlations but I have yet to thoroughly comb this forum for similar posts. In no way do these connections to the current section of time and dimension diminish the enjoyability of the story of the Mandate Schoolman and his misgivings. What do you think? view post


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