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Right thing to do? posted 22 November 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionRight thing to do? by Raz, Commoner

Looking at it from an unbiased view, cigarettes have no real benefit except satisfying a physical addiction, which is only seen as a benefit by the smoker.

So spending money to purchase things which have ill long term effects with no feasible purpose beyond addicting you... and they're not even for you to become addicted to.. then no lol.

I would tell him to get a job and stop being a mooch. If a hobo asks for money so he can buy food and you give him the money, then you see him drinking liquor 10 minutes later, wouldn't you be angry? It doesn't make sense to condone either of them. The only difference is that the kid is asking you straight out for the cigarettes.

You may have morals but from his end he's just using you.
I wouldn't buy him the cigarettes if he looked like he really needed it though, because he'll always crave them despite his state of mind. view post


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