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Gnosis vs. Anagogis, and sorcery in general posted 20 November 2006 in Author Q & AGnosis vs. Anagogis, and sorcery in general by Guardsman Bass, Candidate

Considering that the Gnosis can create abstractions and use them to attack, I'd imagine their summons would be much the same. Like you said, it'd be pretty interesting; imagine one of the Mandate Schoolman summoning a creature in the form of a mass of triangles, all of them representing different aspects of its power and essence, and much more difficult to target.

At least we know that the Daimotic demons are probably analogies; the creatures described their hate at being contained within the world, and there were carving of Ciphrangs in that Xerashi throne room Kellhus sat in, if I remember right. view post


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