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Question about the Tekne and soulled beings posted 07 November 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtQuestion about the Tekne and soulled beings by Guardsman Bass, Candidate

We know that the Tekne can create various kinds of soulless, organic beings like the dragons, the skin-spies, and the Sranc.

I also read on the debate thread about whether or not skin-spies have souls that the soulless skin-spies don't really have free-will and self-awareness, because they don't possess souls.

So my question is, suppose you use the Tekne to create an exact duplicate of a living human being who can reproduce. Would this human being, who is supposedly an exact duplicate of a human being except that it is soulless, remain soulless? Would it grow a soul, like normal humans? And how would its self-awareness be affected?

My memory of TTT is getting kind of hazy about the exact details mentioned on the self-awareness of non-soulled creatures and the like. view post


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