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Gnosis vs. Anagogis, and sorcery in general posted 02 November 2006 in Author Q & AGnosis vs. Anagogis, and sorcery in general by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Quote: "Cynical Cat":m0wcemk4
Scott has mentioned that Gnostic Sorcery can be used to summon and bind agencies.[/quote:m0wcemk4]

Yup, much speculation exists as to exactly what form this will take. After all it is possible that the manifestation of Demonic Agencies summoned through the Daimos in some way reflect that the Anagogic version of the Daimos relies on analogy. What I mean by that is the appearance of the demons on this plane may in no way reflect their "true" self.

One summoned through the Abstractions may appear completely different. An interesting thought anyway. view post


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