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No-God's questions posted 01 November 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNo-God's questions by anor277, Didact

Quote: "Harrol":35rk1lhg
Do not forget that Kellhus stated that skin-soies lacked the depth of humans but rather they were a shadow of human depth. Something to that degree was stated. For reference it was statedin TTT at a point were Akka was talking to Kellhus about how hard it was to break skin spies.[/quote:35rk1lhg]

As I recall, Kellhus or Achamian observed that the Skin Spies were products of strong conditioning; i.e. response only to a given set of circumstances. Kellhus, Dunyain trained, could break the conditioning but this would be a programme of years. Moenghus, also Dunyain trained, did have years to break the Skin Spies he had captured; hence they revealed the Consult's plans. view post


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