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No-God's questions posted 01 November 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNo-God's questions by Incu-Pacifico, Peralogue

Quote: "Will":3e261acs
Several times in the books Sarcellus is described as a well trained animal. What passes for thoughts pass through what passes for its soul, etc. It seems that creations of the Tekne are as self-aware as your dog, just far better trained. It lacks the complexity of a human mind, being entirely concerned with achieving climax, which it can do only at the bidding of its masters..[/quote:3e261acs]

The book suggests that the "complexity" of the human mind is overrated. The Dunyain master circumstances by knowing "what comes before". They know the programming that drives men and so are able to manipulate "regular" humans in ways simular to the ways the Consult manipulates the face changers and Sranc.

This begs an interesting philosophical question. If man can be as easily manipulated as these creatures, what gives him the right to say *he* has a soul and not these creations? view post


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