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No-God's questions posted 30 October 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNo-God's questions by Will, Peralogue

Several times in the books Sarcellus is described as a well trained animal. What passes for thoughts pass through what passes for its soul, etc. It seems that creations of the Tekne are as self-aware as your dog, just far better trained. It lacks the complexity of a human mind, being entirely concerned with achieving climax, which it can do only at the bidding of its masters.

Kellhus recognizes that the face-changers bear a relation to the Sranc, wishing to rut with their knives. From this it seems that the Sranc are mentally similar to the face changers, although that is admittedly somewhat of a leap. It feels like they got a good suboradinate mind going in their creations and stuck with it. (Subsequent versions of an OS?)

I don't have any real idea what is up with the No-God though, as a creation of the Tekne it seems like it would resemble Sranc/Skin-changers, but as I recall the No-God is described as being "awakened" by the Inchoroi and consequently it may be fundamentally different from their creations. view post


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