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The Case of the Blind Brain and Other Strange Tales posted 11 July 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Case of the Blind Brain and Other Strange Tales by TakLoufer, Candidate

Yeh i agree with what you say about it being cleaner, and I especially like your whirlpool analogy. To me it doesn't make much sense that a personality would survive after the physical death, but the thing I always try to keep in mind is that there is nearly always some piece of information you do not have, so to totally dismiss it would be unfair I feel.

I've been reviewing the evidence again and I'm beginning to see that the evidence strongly implies survival; either that or a very developed super-psi ability. My whirlpool analogy, combined with the evidence, compels me to arrive at a hypothesis . . .

They certainly would at that, but you would have to be careful of making too many conclusions from such an existence. For instance, if a personality does survive after death, perhaps it is because the person was far too attached to life to fully let go. So their existence would not really mean that the process is the same for everyone when they die. And also, if the personality was that attached to life, it may well be because they had very little understanding of it. So again, if any answers were forth coming, you would have to be careful with them.

My whirlpool analogy may be more appropriate than I originally thought. A whirlpool isn't either "there" or "not there," its existence is measured in degrees. Basically, whirlpools don't just immediately vanish in a body of water, they fade away over time.

It is quite possible that surviving personalities are disincarnate individuals in the process of "personal defocusing". This "slow fade" is possibly attributed to a fixation or obsession about something in their lives, which would explain why many "lingering spirits" are found in old houses or graveyards.

Also, there is the notion, which is supported by certain EVPs and certain "séances" (evidence indicates that not all séances can be attributed to hoaxes), that at least some ghosts are not aware that they are dead. If this is true, then I hypothesize that many surviving personalities are in a self-created "dreamworld," possibly "living" in a semi-conscious and delirious state, much the way we experience non-lucid dreams. Occasionally, the ghost may be able to "wake up" and interact with the living, but I doubt this is the norm.

Given time, presumably, the old personality will completely fade away (or maybe not: read Ian Stevenson's Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, Children Who Remember Past Lives, and Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect for evidence of reincarnation)

Perhaps the more "enlightened" (whatever that means) personalities defocus at a much high rate; the more defocused they are, the more "at one" with the universe they are.

Yeah it would be an eye opener, and certainly would be interesting to find out. The only thing I question is how much value the information would be, especially for the amount of time spent gathering it (though if you enjoy the search, it is perhaps not time wasted).

Oh, if I end up communicating with the "dead," it will definitely be worth it. Of course, the value of the information communicated to me is another matter. If the only personalities I can contact are confused and addled entities who can't find their way out of their own cemetery, then I'm not expecting any great truths - but their existence would be enough for me. My purpose is to learn of the world, and their existence would be knowledge learned.

Perhaps something to consider is that even if you do fiind out that some personalitys survive death, just how is such information going to affect the way you live your life?

I imagine I'd be very excited at my discovery. Other than that, I'm not sure. view post


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