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posted 23 Oct 2006, 03:10 by H, Auditor

But if Scott didn't want them to reconnect then (which he obviously didn't, simply because they didn't) he still wrote the scene for [i:1rhjuy99]some[/i:1rhjuy99] reason. If the scene had no point, then why bother to even include it at all. The scene could easily had Akka do exactly what he did and not have Esmenet there at all if the sole purpose of the scene was to not have them reconnect. So, what [i:1rhjuy99]was[/i:1rhjuy99] the point? My idea would be that it serves to show us Esmenet's state of mind at the time regarding Akka, that is, irrational and looking for some reinforcement for the sense of rejection she was already feeling. view post


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