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Wraeththu of Storm Constantine posted 18 October 2006 in ReviewsWraeththu of Storm Constantine by Moebius, Commoner

I borrowed this book from one of my college roommates. And frankly the entire novel reads like a gay porn/fantasy.

The basic plot is that in a post-apocalyptic world, Earth is ruled by male/hermaphrodite meta-humans named Wraeththus. These Wraeththus also happen to have the ability to convert normal human males into fellow Wraeththus, which thematically is very much like Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (which incidentally is also filled with supernatural homoeroticism).

The fact that all the characters in Wraeththu are essentially very good looking and super-powered gay men doesn't bother me. But it seems like the lives of these Wraeththus are dominated entire by sex. Virtually all the drama in the novel invovles one main character having sex, wanting to have sex, or jealous that someone is having sex with another main character.

All in all I'd have to say the book is merely mildly interesting, with a few cool characters and a mediocre plot. view post


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